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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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ftes in the upcoming budget but expanding our work i want to thank you for that. >> colleagues, any further questions thank you for being here and for all the hard work you do up next our ethics commission. >> good afternoon. supervisors
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i did not know if i'm going to get this right i'm going to be very brief there's two points of i want to make just about the budget and the proposed budget there's a big drop off in spend that is mostly explained the election campaign funded is nearly at that target the reduction will reduce funding to bring the election campaign to $7 million and start to deplete that year had the collections
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begin to took place and the second point i want to point out is that we did ask for 3 additional ftes this year for auditors and another enforcement investigator they're not in the budget i understand this is a difficult process but from the board can help use it would be appreciated we don't have major initiatives coming we have expanded responsibility on the horizon i anticipate two ballot measures this year that will expand our region in the c afro-and the definition of a lobbyist and in the next year, we have electronic filing financial disclosure wore standing to thousands in the city if we take responsibility so our mission while it stays
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the same our responsibility continue to grow that is all i have to say i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> supervisor tang. >> sorry if you can repeat the amount in the election campaign. >> it is capped as $7 million. >> and in terms of the upcoming anticipated or - >> the you mean elections how much we're going to spend. >> yeah. >> it is difficult we have a mayoral election it could be considerable in a number of people qualify and in district 3 so could be a couple of hundred of thousand or likely to be less than more but my crystal ball is not complete. >> understandable thank you. >> thank you mr. sincroy. >> thank you for being here
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itch appreciated up next from the department of elections. >> good afternoon john director of elections the departments budget the main driver the amount of elections for the you mean fiscal year two elections you can see on 2015-2016 we had one election poster year our budget it constant depending upon the number of elections we have to run you'll see at the bottom the
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pie chart for 2015-20162 point 5 million dollars in reserve for the department to utilize to find a replacement for the warehouse it is near 18 view park our warehouse space is part of park that the giant want to undertake the port is our lease is at the end of the year but we can hold over until 2016 and than after that move to another site we've not been able to find another site the core has indicated a chance to move to pier 31 but that site needs to have rehabilitation on the roof a timing issue now not a replacement to move with the
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$2.5 million in reserve we hope to have by the time 2017 arrives in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 we're able to main maintain an operation he did costs are increasing so the course of funding the major driver of changes the number of elections as you can see in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 the proposition of revenues are coming equally from fees and files fatiguing 2014-2015 the ratios were offset or skewed a little bit we had so many arguments submitted it's the highest in the history in the revenue recoveries the driver of change is again the number of district for special elections as you can see 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 the
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ratios are constant but 2015-2016 normally we wouldn't have the district elections but for the you mean elections we'll hold the vacancy election for the community college district and other elections will be barred as far as special elections are concerned language assess we have 3 i guess initiatives the language assess filipino since before the november 2018 and dedicated phone lines we've brought on staff for bilingual filipinos to answer to do translations upper market updating the lines and routinely excluding filipino to make sure the english is more clear and the spanish and inclines translations are clear
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we'll review our forms and communications with the voters one change that's going to happen that will impact the voters more directly in november we move from triangle to bilingual ballots so in the past we'll have english challenges and spanish on the ballot but with the inclusion of filipino we can't run an election we have too many cards we're going to break up the cards chinese english chinese english and chinese filipino we've begun the process of reaching out to voters that were burn born in chinese and spanish and other countries to get the capture for the election
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materials sent to them other than english and in july beginning in august we have signage in 2 hundred and 50 buses to have the voters impact us for language other than english for the election materials. >> on the open data side those are before the november 2014 elections to provide the information on the website in relations to the open data their machine readable that allows the media campaigns and analysts and other folks to grab the information not to translate it but post it on their sites and incorporate it into their products we'll continue in november and start pushing out information warldz to nomination
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and petitions starting in jill one big achievement for november the posting of a voter guide for in a format starting in july starting to post the link data sf to the files so in november we'll link the x m l voter guide and again that creates more transparency to make the information more readily available to the users and the initiative forward today the contract for the current voting system expires at the end of 2016 nothing in the 2016-2017 buttering regarding the system costs there are factors that don't allow us to put a
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precincttion but in the middle of july we'll issue an rfp at that time for the submission we'll have a sense of what the costs are associated with the new system then finally the department is in agreement with the budget analyst represents like to take this time to thank the mayor's office and the board of supervisors to help us to get our budgets sheltered i'll take any questions. >> thank you commissioner tang. >> thank you for your presentation and coming to an agreement i have one issue on the warehouse i haven't spoken to you what is in the warehouse especially, since it is tied with the potential developments and that there maybe lack of space i wanted to know what is in the warehouse. >> well, the voting equipment is staged and the materials and
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supplies for the election during the election cycle a work space 86 thousand square feet at pier 48 we're using that for storage for the supplies and the other to 45 thousand square feet for the election is used for staim the vehicles for doing the canvas for material prepared for the coworkers to take to the polling places and we have the prors center the ballots come back to the warehouse and the roster and things like that to be accounted for for balance. >> okay. thank you and i just hope that you'll be able to work out a one solution. >> thank you thank you supervisor yee. >> thank you. i was looking at
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the pie chart for expenditures and it struck me that for in comparison for the 2014-2015 what the 2016-2017 the salary goes up a little bit by 5 percentage so two questions there but our fringe benefits went down 3.3 percent of the total budget which doesn't make sense to me i don't know how you save all that money but it seems like people are getting cut in their fringe benefits about a third. >> no cut in fringe buns or benefits by the percentage those are other costs coming in but i can't tell you why the change in
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fringe benefits no cut in the fringes as far as the department is concerned you usually once we have the positions and the fringe benefits are addressed into the budgeted by the mayor's office so - >> that would be a good answer but the way i'm looking at it almost the same salary but benefits went down by almost 25 percent of your total budget your total budget is the same so - and awe i mean the infringes it didn't go down by 25 percent. >> from 12 to 18 this is 3 percent plus for the fringe benefits percentage wise and our budget was the same. >> mr. rawlinsfield. >> supervisors we can follow-up to our questions supervisor yee
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immediately following the meeting one thing citywide the fringe benefits costs in most departments our pension contributions is a percentage is declining significantly so this is a sixth e significant factor about but we'll provide that after today. >> thank you and the other piece of it those are more curiosity questions when you look at the salary and the budget is almost the same not a cola over two years how much cola are we looking at. >> all city employees salaries is loaded by our office across the entire government based the collective bargaining for the individual employees within the vice president the patterns for
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the majority of city employees calls on 3.25 percent increase effective october 1st and in the year two a formula between 2.25 and 3.25 floating based on the c pi we're estimating and puts that number at 3 percent. >> i guess again i look at the big numbers it looks a lot less than what you're named unless there's fewer ftes. >> which i don't know it didn't say. >> we rely on to me employees those are noted are permanence positions within the payroll budget we bring in temporary folks and the work through november and december they're not getting fringe benefits their wages will be going up as
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well in circulation with the city pay scales but let go after a few months. >> thank you. i wanted to make sure ore workers you know - and supervisor mar. >> thank you, sir good luck with the warehouse search for a proper place i wanted to ask you about the numbers on page 2 the elections for 2016-2017 with only one election and the total only 55 thousand dollars why is that year only one election and why is that so little revenue come in. >> just projections based on the candidate filing fees we've collected over the past that is in line it is also with the general election in 2016 you have less candidates than for a preliminary election. >> even though the fall of 2016
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might have a ton of sproirl candidates it's still that allow. >> supervisors their filing fee is $500 other are one percent of the offices compensation so for mayor for instance the fee it 56 hundred versus 5 hundred for supervisors. >> one other questions language equality and voting rights so tagalog was added as the filipino limited english limited population grown to a percentage if my memory is right 5 percent and then you reach a threshold and jurisdiction is required to provide bilingual ballots. >> no so the state law is 3 percent of the overhead.
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>> 3 percent at the state code or. >> for citywide the filipinos are introduced in san francisco due to the office of civic affairs and immigration so in san francisco once an identified population ghettos grows to 10 thousand or more than the city requires the departments to provide language in that so that's what happened. >> so chinese and spanish languages now tagalog are there other languages that are approaching that threshold is bilingual materials and pole workers are required when you hit the threshold. >> right we're equating filipinos with the federal requirement for the chinese and spanish services even though there's a much higher numbers of
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people that are spanish and chinese speaking than filipino so the chinese and spanish speaking communities rise to the federal standards but we'll giving the filipino speakers the same level of services on the federal tellers. >> so there's a federal thresholds and california san francisco. >> yeah. >> so in san francisco once the community of non-english speakers rise to 9 thousand. >> what other speakers and hard to say maybe vietnamese and russian maybe 25 thousand away from the told her and russian is a little bit below that. >> okay and that might be in the next 5
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years. >> yes. and okay. thank you very much much appreciated mr. rose do you want to give our report please and yes examiner and members of the committee on page 33 of our report our recommended reductions inform the proposed budget total 2 hundred 9 thousand plus in 2015-2016 of that amount hundred and 16 will ongoing savings to reductions that allow the increase of $2.5 million of the departments fiscal year 2015-2016 and our recommend reductions to the proposed is hundred 366 of that amount ongoing 10 thousand one time savings as i understand the department concurs with our reductions. >> thank you very much mr. rose colleagues, any further
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questions for mr. rose thanks very much colleagues mr. rawlinsfield. >> mr. chair it's our choice one possibility to take reductions where the departments is in agreement. >> perfect, thank you. >> so colleagues we'll take a motion to accept the cuts pending public comment last week given our department of election here and our general services can i have a motion to accept the cuts per our budget analyst pending public comment. >> so moved and motion pie supervisor katie tang and second by supervisor mar we'll take that without objection. >> okay. up next our board of
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appeals. >> good afternoon supervisor farrell and members i'm cynthia goldstein the executive director of board of appeals all to take a couple of minutes to go over the boards experience and give you our budget experience i mean the board provides the final decision for a wide range and we try to do that in an efficient manner this first chart of the number of pillows and the projected number we're looking hundred and 85 appeals slightly
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less than last year and blow the 10 thousand appeals per year the vitamin is higher than than the revision or recession years the next slide look at the snapshot of the demonstrations which city departments are issued the decision as typical for the board the majority are land use related stem from the planning department and planning commission and the department of building inspection and the zoning administrator we do also have in the last few years experiencing a number of appeals significant appeals from the department of public works this year a third have to do with tree removal and others types of permits they issue we have nos uptick by the
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permits from landlord that effectively rove their housing units normally this year we received 31 matters that represents 17 percent of the board docket year to date turning to our budget two revenue sources spectaculars that the majority those are collected by the permitting issuing dependent on the permit renewable those reflect the amount of work the controller did an analysis of the speak surcharge rate up to the level of inflation but any adjustment beyond is - up $0.50 from 6 vod that's the only rate adjusted and no proposal to adjust any of
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the rates by legislation i'll note that is the first time that the public works rate has been adjusted since 2012 the of the of the budget is from people that file and we're notny changes as far as our expenditures we're looking at moderate changes a 3.7 percent decrease in the 2016 budget learning resulting from the reduction in rent and the reductions you've spoken about the city-state retiree expenses in 2017 we're looking a 2 percent increase over $18,000 tied to may or may not surcharges and i'm sorry in salaries and fringe benefits we do expect our surcharges will coffer that but we have a
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reserve fund available to us we've been collecting over the last few years if we of the you been ours another a shortfall we can coffer that we're not proposing any changes to the staff and the rest of the packages of my presentation has to do with detail budget detail i'll note in the expenditure side i've given you information about where our money goes 48 percent to salaries and fringe benefits and the next to other departments the attorney and our sfgovtv for our board meetings. >> this is our organizational chart straightforward and the next two our surcharge rate and salary fee that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions and i'm would appreciate our support for our proposal. >> thank you very much
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colleagues, any questions no budget analyst report thank you up next to our rent board. >> honorable chair and supervisors the executive director of the san francisco rent board and this is my incredible deputy robert collins i usually come before you saying i want to be the lease of your problems but the affordability crisis is making that increasing difficult mission of accident rent board your undoubtedly aware at this point the it was for the housing
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crisis g guess what it is 2015 this informs against excess rent increases the operative is to protect tenants in place obviously, no tenants not a lot we can do about that and try to keep tenants from unlawful evictions how do we try to achieve those loft i didn't goals the major fund t is counseling we have one of the highest visited websites in the city and our office is an informational repository the counsels serve thousands of people on the phone and over the
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counter we're arbitrate disputes we have 12 attorneys that conduct the legislative hearings everyday in our office we strive to be fair and in the enforcement of the ordinance and committed to evenhanded treatment if you're a land i want you to feel i got a fair shake the next slide talks about the statistics this is no surprise our work loads as increased last year a 14 percent change in petition filing and last year an addresses 15 percent we're processing 32 percent more petitions then two years ago at this time as a result last year at this time i came before you and were gracious to give me an additional law position